Koil Protective Silk Bonnet
Koil Protective Silk Bonnet

Koil Protective Silk Bonnet

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Our 100%  SILK Bonnets will :



Bonnets will help to maintain the natural oils in your hair.  

Prevent Tangling

When you toss and turn at night, it can cause your hair to get easily tangled. Using a bonnet will help prevent new tangles from forming and making it less stressful in the morning managing your hair.

Minimising Frizz

Wearing a bonnet helps prevent friction while you sleep at night, therefore reducing the amount of frizz you wake up with. Having your hair protected alleviates stress and helps to prevent split ends.

Less Dryness

As much as we love those high thread count cotton sheets, they can absorb moisture from our hair, causing dryness. Besides conditioning our hair after we shampoo to retain moisture, using a bonnet or will help while you sleep by reducing the chance of breakage.


Cost Effective

Bonnets make your hair more manageable in the long-run, alleviating the need for lots of styling products. A lot of women invest some serious money on hair products, especially if they’re not protecting their hair at night. Since bonnets don’t absorb hair products like cotton does, you’ll need less product to style your hair.