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Koil is a new Inclusive solution for healthy hair.

Includes one (1) bottle/container of each item below:

  • KOIL Shampoo
  • KOIL Conditioner
  • KOIL Leave-In Conditioner
  • KOIL Hair Serum
  • KOIL Hair Mask
  • KOIL Hair Gel
  • KOIL Hair Pomade

Koil Shampoo- Add volume and body to lifeless locks with KOIL Shampoo. This unique cleanser gently washes away impurities while adding thickness to worn-out strands. Repair damage and add volume to fine or normal hair, and enjoy overall healthy, bouncy hair that's full of shine and life every day. Gently cleanses and volumizes fine to normal hair. Boosts body and helps repair damage, while wheat-derived ingredients help protect and leave hair silky smooth. Helps repair worn-down locks, increases body and maximizes shine. *Paraben Free *Vegan *Color Safe

KOIL Conditioner- is the perfect leave-in moisturizing conditioner to smooth hair, reduce static, prevent dryness and get weary strands back in beautiful shape. Within the conditioner, Coconut helps balance moisture while wheat-derived conditioners improve the hair's texture. Product Benefits Include, reduces frizz, reduces static, prevents dryness and gets weary strands back in shape. *Paraben Free *Vegan *Color Safe

Leave In Conditioner - For a conditioner that hydrates and adds volume, the KOIL Leave In Conditioner is the perfect addition to your styling routine. Infused with special hair-thickening and reparative ingredients, it leaves hair soft, healthy and full of body. Light enough to use every day, this cream rinse never weighs down hair, leaving it looking soft and beautiful every day. Detangles and adds volume to fine hair, leaving locks full of body, bounce and shine.  Boosts body and helps repair damage, while wheat-derived ingredients help protect and leave hair silky smooth. Helps repair and prevent damage caused by blow-drying and styling.

Koil Hair Gel-  Ads firm hold and radiant shine all while providing great hold and definition. This powerful formula is strong enough to lock-in even the most difficult hairstyles. Product Benefits, Provides maximum control for hard-to-hold styles and delivers high shine and bold texture.Excellent for wet looks. *Paraben Free *Vegan*Color Safe

The KOIL Hair Mask- features cold-pressed coconut oil, which thoroughly hydrates and dramatically smoothes to soften dry, coarse hair. For a luxurious hair treatment that includes powerful antioxidants, oleic acids, protein and vitamins, while adding fullness and protection to fine, limp hair, the Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque is the perfect way to add a sophisticated look and touchable softness to your hair. Product Benefits, Thoroughly hydrates and dramatically smoothes and softens dry, coarse hair and adds fullness to fine, limp hair. This protective formula delivers intense hydration, seals split ends, prevents damage and provides UV protection.

KOIL Hair Pomade- Create versatile looks from classic, slicked-back hairstyles to the latest street styles with KOIL Pomade. This pliable, medium hold pomade features a spin-off lid for no-fuss dispensing. It provides texture and control with a natural-shine finish and an energizing coconut scent. The water-soluble formula won’t flake and washes out easily with shampoo.  Versatile, water-based pomade creates pliable hold and washes out easily. For more hold, apply pomade to dry hair. *Gluten Free

KOIL Hair Serum- For a sheer, lightweight finish that helps tame flyaways and protect against damage, try KOIL Hair Serum. This cold-pressed hair oil helps seal split ends while adding a sophisticated gleaming look and touchable finish to all hair types.  Provides a sheer, lightweight finish while helping tame flyaways and protect against damage. Cold-pressed

Let us bring your Koils back to life.

Ever wondered why just about every beauty or skin care product has coconut oil as an ingredient? 

Koil Coconut Infused Products :

1. Softens and Conditions - the use of coconut oil on hair helps reduce protein loss in all hair types.  And, because this oil is rich in auric acid and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft it is great to use as a daily conditioner.

2. Adds Shine- Coconut Oil for hair also helps lock in moisture giving it a gorgeous glow and shine.

3. Stimulates Hair Growth- Coconut oil is a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster.  The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles.

4. Treat dry & damaged hair - Use the wash and care system to cleanse and visibly repair hair and prevent split ends.

5. Protect - Using coconut oil on your hair is a natural and environmentally friendly way to protect your hair from environmental elements.

3. Tame Frizz- Coconut oil is great for taming and preventing frizz. When applying, keep in mind that a little goes a very long way. Only apply about a dime-sized amount to your hair.


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